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  • Francois

    Hi Chris, will be following you. You need to spread the word on Austrian Econ, Good luck

  • Hey Chris,

    Glad I found this site. I will be following you too. Austrian Economics is the only one that makes logical sense.

  • Sakhile Mtshali

    That is so true Gerhard.somehow it is easy to make sense of the economics event using Austrian Economis

  • What is the email address for sending essays for your consideration? I teach Austrian economics at the University of Iowa, USA.

  • Piet le Roux

    Hi Patrick. You’re comment has been recovered from the spam system. We’d love to consider your essays. Please send items for consideration to [I've sent you an address by email], for the attention of Chris Becker, the editor.

  • John Joannou


    I have a couple of Q’s:
    - Does your institute offer any courses that we can take here in SA? If so, can you provide more info wrt?
    - Do Mises followers/subscribers ever assemble to discuss and share, whether it be on a formal or casual basis? It would be great to get together every so often with like-minded individuals..

    Many thanks

    • GarethB

      Hi John,

      We don’t offer formal courses as yet, but hope to put on some informal presentations/discussion groups in the near future.

      We are are mostly based in the Johannesburg area so send an email through to if you’d like to meet sometime.

  • Joseph Walker

    Do you all have a physical location in SA?
    I’d love to see it and meet some fellow freedom lovers on on my quick vacation if I could.
    In liberty,

  • GarethB

    Hi Joseph. We don’t have a formal location, but the contributors are mostly based in the Johannesburg area. Contact me at if you’d like to arrange something.

  • albert nelmapius

    I hope the editors won’t mind me pointing out to John Joannou or any other newcomers that there are literally thousands of hours of downloadable lectures on Austrian economics available in script or video format at the Mises institute in the USA for FREE ( of the greatest minds, like Hayek, Mises himself, Murray Rothbard and many current Austrians can be heard giving their viewpoints in person.

    • Hi Albert, you will see we link to the literature pages at the bottom of the literature page on But thanks anyway, doesn’t do an harm linking to it again.

  • Stav Lawrence

    Hi, Thank you for starting the mises coza site. My name is Jonathan (Stav) Lawrence. Moved to Johannesburg for business reasons 2 years ago but 4 years ago started with a few friends a freedom movement in Israel which grew rapidly and we also created a mises Israel website:
    We have a youtube channel with over 60 videos related very much to liberty and the Austrian school:
    Is there any activity going in Gauteng as meetings, teaching etc? If not, let’s start it.

    • Hey Lawrence, that’s awesome, nice work.

      We’re wanting to do our first seminar later this year – please connect with us on!forum/tunecedemalis

      It’s been quiet on the meeting activity front in the last while, but we’re keen to pick things up again.

      • Stav Lawrence

        Thanks Chris, please do. Just finished The Libertarian Manifesto and Rothbard is right in his epilogue: a movement is essential for promoting liberty. quiet is a start.

  • Andrew Betts

    I was wondering if at any point in time South Africa had an equivalent to Neutral Moresnet or the walled city of Kowloon? That is to say a territory outside of government control that was able to operate without government intervention.